Stark at I-205 Bike Lane Furniture

Has anyone seen what I presume to be newish pylons and buffers in the Stark bike lane around 103rd - 100th? It looks like part of the city’s safe streets? There are adjacent pedestrian walking symbols painted on the shoulder between the bike lane and the curb. You can see a few additional posts installed on the right side of the lane further down.

Anyway, does it seem odd that these were installed almost a foot into the bike lane? With the posts at bar-catching height, i’d say this have effectively narrowed the lane by more than a foot on one side. And I don’t know if it would any protection at all from a car. Seems like infrastructure theater to me.


I’m trying to comprehend why these are IN THE BIKE LANE! Was this a case of implementation not conforming to intent? I can’t imagine anyone intending this to be this way. Why wouldn’t these go right on the white line?

With so much asphalt being to the right of the white line, I can see drivers swerving around left turning vehicles so these actually make sense to prevent that from happening but not IN THE BIKE LANE!