Springwater Trail Closure

Noticed signs on my commute home via the Springwater that the section between 128th and 158th is going to be closed Aug 16-20 8AM to 4PM. The signs were put up by PGE, so presumably this will be for power line maintenance or brush clearing around them. It’s significant because you won’t be able to enter/exit Powell Butte from the Springwater during those times.

While the closure won’t affect me because my commute times are just outside of those hours, there could be equipment or vehicles on the trail that week outside of those hours.

I hope I got the dates and times right as my phone’s in for repair so I couldn’t take a picture.


I just rode that section yesterday. Dates are definitely correct. Pretty sure the times are too. I didn’t notice the PGE connection. I was hoping there were finally going to replace that one bridge that’s so deteriorated they have warning cones on it.

Yes, the bridge over Johnson Creek near Highland Dr is quite sad but that’s outside of this closure zone.

The bridge closer to Powell Butte was redone recently and it’s nice and smooth now. I used to worry about losing teeth on that one.