Springwater Corridor update

The section from SE 82nd to SE 111th is the worst it has ever been. This morning there were several cars being parted out on the bike path. There were two separate bike chop shops. There were three guys at 111th and the bike path who were taking to Treks apart. It was the most unsafe the trail has ever felt. More illegal activity, less camping. I have been riding the path for ever and wont ride it alone again until it is cleared out.


Portland continues to fall further into the abyss. VOTE DIFFERENTLY!

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I’m curious tfcandiit, if you don’t mind me asking, which governor candidate do you support? I voted for Tina.

Waiting for the Big Brain thinkpiece from Maus: “How can the cycling community better serve vulnerable individuals experiencing automobile disassembly insecurity?”


This past Saturday, 10/29 while pedaling west on the trail, almost had a head on collision with a car driving on the trail. The car turned onto the trail from Foster Blvd, directly in my path, had to go off the trail to avoid it. The white, Subaru legacy had no plates and continued driving east into one of the camps that borders the auto parts yard. At some point someone is going to get seriously hurt (or worse) on our ‘car free’ path.


Tent city Tina huh? Why?

Oh right you don’t live in Portland. That makes a big difference

Kate 2.0 is a disaster. She’s big proponent of measure 110 which has been devastating. She has absolutely zero plans for doing anything different than what lame duck Kate 1.0 has been doing.

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Thanks for sharing the update Dave. I need to get out there. I’ve been curious for a report.

It’s so frustrating that we haven’t addressed this issue more effectively yet.

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