Specialized Epic Evo Comp YELLOW

Hi, I commuted into PSU (southwest Portland ) for 1 hour locked kyrptonite orange large U lock. Bike stolen. Has CZYSZ sticker (blue) on yellow top frame by handle bars. Magic stem seat, water holder + Shimano PD-T8000 Dual-Platform pedals. Police report has been filed please call if seen.

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So sorry! will keep an eye out for it. Post a photo if you have one.
Here is a helpful link:

Thank you very much

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It’s imperative that you upload the loss complete with serial number to bikeindex.org which the police often use to check if it’s been stolen if they do come across it. No serial #? sorry buddy… tough lesson.

You have probably seen many light poles around Portland with an oval hole opening at ankle height. That is due to crime tent related theft of utility services. They wrap their tarp around it to pull electricity into their tent so they can charge things like their bike lock cutting angle grinder or electric Jaws of Life. There’s really not much out there that can resist them and they use disguise the noise in the background of traffic, garbage trucks etc.

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Met the thief in person, bike is back in my possession baby! thank you everyone for the info / help / for looking out.


Nice. How’d you track them down?


Will the thief be stealing any more bikes, or will a newly acquired disability prevent that?


Yeah, how did it go down?

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Ditto, all those above, most of us have known this feeling and never again saw our chariots…I’m in dis-belief…HOW did you get that bike back?

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