So I've put a Firetruck Horn on my Cargo Bike, finally some proper vengeance to bad drivers

$300, a firetruck horn, compressor, tank, 12v battery, solenoid, and after a bit of soldering and diy-mounting I’ve got a firetruck horn on my cargo bike. A perfect solution to drivers in the Metro area, although I get a lot more questions and compliments on the bike/horn than I have to actually use it against drivers.

At 125-130 db, its 3-6x louder than a car horn, and my friends who were riding behind me said their ears physically hurt after blasting them.

Legally, the horn only violates ORS 815.225 (sub 1b), an unnecessarily loud or harsh horn, which is just a simple traffic citation. It doesn’t fall under impersonating an emergency vehicle, although people have pulled over when I have used the horn which is funny.

I have also just added a motion switch to the rig, which allows me to lock up my bike, flip a switch, and if any motion occurs the horn will blast the would-be thief as well as activate my wsdcam siren. Even if I was at the very back of walmart, I’d hear the horn go off and rush to my bike.

It’s totally unnecessary and overdone for a bike horn. But, it was a lot of fun to build, and might make a viral youtube video, who knows.


People have been attacked for less, but you go ahead with your horn! More power to yah!

That thing is awesome. Love the idea of having it connected to a motion sensor so if a thief tries to take your bike it blasts. Smart!

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I carry a stun baton and pepper spray. I’ll be open carrying a pistol next year when I turn 18, which can be legally done as long as someone over 21 buys the weapon for me.

It’s sad that retaliating against drivers behaving badly on purpose is as dangerous as it is. In this case the van driver in the video, a driver who came within a foot of ending my life on purpose to “send a message” justifies my use of blaring a horn in his ears causing him to freak out and nearly crash, as well as knocking harshly on his window. Since he admitted to doing it on purpose, he actually has committed reckless driving, which is a criminal misdemeanor rather than a traffic citation for careless driving if he hadn’t admitted to it.

I personally think that since this guy purposely brought me within a one-wrong-pedal-slip close to death, he should be sentenced to 2 months in jail minimum or 5 years without his license. That’s not harsh in my opinion for someone so careless about the lives and safety of others.

I’ll be upgrading the crude physical motion sensor to an Arduino that I ordered soon. That way I can account for the compressor automatically turning on when air gets low by having my code do a number of checks to see if its constantly vibrating, or if it got moved once then the movement stopped, thus figuring out whether the motion is the compressor or a human.

This will also let me program it to go off like a car alarm, “honk, honk, honk, honk”, drawing everyone’s attention within a half a miles radius to the would-be thief, or Karen who hit my jib with their loose shopping cart. Also, being that I leave a camera on my bike recording whenever I go in anywhere to run some errands, it’ll be a great catch that I’ll put on here and YouTube when someone gets the piss scared out of them by the horn and I run out to confront them.

ummm and what you did constitutes instigating a road rage by aggressing against the driver and banging on his window. Heavens forbid YOU make any sort of mistake or traffic infractions while on your bike.

holy shit that is amazing. What part of town are your riding through in the video? Are you on the West Side?

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“Heavens forbid I make any sort of traffic infraction” Please understand that a bicycle kills almost no one, if not 1 person a year in the United States other than the cyclist themself and that cars kill a hundred people a day in the United States alone. What he did put me a pedal slip away from death or serious injury and was extremely reckless, reckless driving actually as he admitted to it. Of course I was furious.

I’m down in the Tualatin/Sherwood area throughout the video, but I occasionally take the TriMet trains up to Portland.

I’m curious why you mounted the horn’s bell aimed backward instead of forward?

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My dad actually made me point it backward, he was more concerned than me at first and I realized how bad it would have been after I hooked everything up.

I would (might already) get permanent hearing damage from the horn had I pointed it in my direction. 125-130 DB is no joke and already causes severe pain and ringing when honking the horn in an area with walls, or inside my house. It’s much louder than you think watching the video.

Planning on eventually putting the horn somewhere in front of me facing forwards, although it’s a challenge since its 2.5 feet long and too heavy to put on handlebars.

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Disturbance of peace also comes to mind. Just like people who drive up to someone’s house to pick them up and honks to announce arrival regardless of the time of day rather than calling/knocking on door.


I have numerous people come up to me on almost every ride now asking about the horn, everyone loves it. My neighbor is gonna put one on his truck now after seeing mine. The only people who dislike the horn are the morons who get honked at when they deserve it.

Why are you being such a downer Chopwatch? Sounds like you’ve had a bad day, woke up on the wrong side of bed or something?

Because, as a driver, I see your hyper aggressive, borderline harassment behaviors as objectionable.


Congratufuckinglations, you, as a driver (what difference does that make? I’ve driven cars?), see my knocking on his window and ahem loud verbal disagreement to his driving capabilities in response to him nearly ending my life for his convenience (which he pulled up to the stoplight and had to wait 30 seconds anyway) apparently makes me the “hyper-aggressive” ahole.

I and many other cyclists who aren’t pussies like mpls bike wrath on YouTube would rather make a point and educate the driver via harshly knocking on their window, rather than letting their criminal act of reckless driving and lack of care or respect for others lives go without any repercussions.

I followed the driver to the parking lot to try and educate him about the law since he told me to “get off the road” right as the light turned green, but he circled the Walmart parking lot twice and then ultimately drove off, which is mission accomplished in my book since I assume he was afraid of me confronting him again so he had to abandon his plans of going to Walmart or wherever in that parking lot.

Also knocking on his window harshly would fall under mischief in the third degree, not harassment. Which is a far cry from his reckless driving act that nearly caused serious physical injury or death to me. Chopwatch, it seems like you don’t understand the reality of the situation or how serious it actually is. It’s life and death.

Mischief is causing property damage. Intentionally causing an alarm to someone would be harassment. But thankfully you documented your harassment. Bicyclists aren’t exempt from regulations that may apply to provoking and fueling a dangerous situation by feeding into road rage.

You scared him from being able to accomplish his original purpose, and you stated that was your intention, thus that is harassment just like following someone all all the way home as a pedestrian because they said something that annoyed you. You were not acting in self defense. If I caught a pedal biker doing what you were doing on a dash cam, I would have called the pedal biker in. This “cars vs pedal biker” attitude here is getting toxic.


Mischief in the third degree in Oregon is defined as “A person commits the crime of criminal mischief in the third degree if, with intent to cause substantial inconvenience to the owner or to another person, and having no right to do so nor reasonable ground to believe that the person has such right, the person tampers or interferes with property of another.” under Oregon Revised Statutes. I specifically stated that it was third-degree mischief since third-degree doesn’t include property damage, but you seemed to ignore me and/or the definition.

That is far more applicable than “harassment” which is defined as insulting and egging someone on in public, i.e asking them to hit you or threatening them, or subjecting someone to offensive physical contact. Calling out someone’s driving capabilities and telling them they are an asshole isn’t harassment by any means, and if you think it is then you are going against the First Amendment. I also did not cause “alarm” to him by honking a horn, the ORS statute for harassment specifies that “Subjects another to alarm by conveying a false report”, which essentially means that someone would lie to get someone to freak out, like saying there’s a fire when there isn’t. A horn is not a false report.

As for your second paragraph, I am legally allowed to follow someone all the way to their house if I wanted to. There’s no “stalking” law that prevents that, and it’s not harassment either. Harassment is defined in Oregon Revised Statutes as “Offensive Physical Contact” or “Abusing someone verbally to get a violent response”. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that so & so is harassment when it’s literally not by definition, people get that confused constantly.

I also did not state that it was my purpose to scare him, I stated that I wanted to educate him and he got scared and drove off on his own. You are now twisting my words around and I don’t appreciate that. Nonetheless, even if I did admit to “scaring” him, that’s not a crime, and it’s not harassment either. I could go out and record someone in public without permission, rudely and legally, and although they may get scared and I say I wanted to scare them on purpose, I haven’t broken any “harassment” laws, or any laws at all. You should take a look at the definition of harrassment yourself since you’ve gotten it entirely wrong.

I also never once stated I was “acting in self-defense” as I was never being attacked in the first place nor claimed to be haha. If you are gonna throw around these legal terms then you should at least know the basic definitions of the terms, especially harassment in your case, since you have been spewing crap this entire argument.


I would also like to correct myself as I have also not even broken Mischief in the third degree, although that would be the most applicable to my actions of banging on his van window.

Since banging on his window causes no substantial inconvenience to the owner (getting his attention isn’t a substantial inconvenience by definition, and if you disagree then so be it), I have therefore broken no laws. That’s actually why it’s legal for a yard-trimming business to put flyers on your door advertising their business, or for a tow truck company to put stickers on your car. As long as it causes no substantial inconvenience, it’s not third-degree mischief. Like knocking over someone’s bike would be third-degree mischief as an inconvenience was caused, and if damage occurred it would be 2nd or 1st-degree mischief.

Inless you can find a law that I have broken (I have by legal definition broken 0 laws), then I am completely in the right as far as the laws see it compared to this driver. As for moral rightness, thats up to debate for you apparently, but me loudly verbally disagreeing with his driving capabilities and knocking on this asshats window is nothing compared to him nearly killing me.

This driver has commited Reckless Driving since he:

ORS 811.140 (Sub 1) “A person commits the offense of reckless driving if the person recklessly drives a vehicle upon a highway or other premises described in this section in a manner that endangers the safety of persons or property.”

ORS 161.085 (Sub 9) ““Recklessly,” when used with respect to a result or to a circumstance described by a statute defining an offense, means that a person is aware of and consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the result will occur or that the circumstance exists.”


I have not committed your accusation of Harassment since what I did doesn’t even come close to falling under the definition of harassment. I am also correcting myself since I didn’t even commit third-degree mischief. I have broken no laws.

Just something to consider way, way upstream from the definition of harassment, etc.:

When on an e-bike, there will be more times when you are going at or near the speed of full-motor traffic. During those times, don’t stay way over to the right. Instead, take the lane like you would on a motorcycle. That cuts down the frequency of too-close passes. People will be more likely to change lanes to pass.

It can make for more pleasant trips with less opportunity for conflict and confrontation (if and when that’s what you want).

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I remember when I was 17 and thought I knew everything. You’ll probably get over that at some point, but with the thought of you wanting to run around with a firearm when you turn 18, you might not be around long enough to gain that wisdom. Just my two cents.


btw, recording of voice with surveillance camera is foul of ORS 165.540