Slabtown **encampment** in the news

I meant Jonathan’s comment. But yes, especially so, given the existing laws you mentioned.

People will look at assume you’re a criminal if you had all kinds of different people coming and going and you had all kinds of different property coming and going at all hours of the night and the duration of stays are consistent with that of illicit distribution of controlled substances. If you do this in a house YOU own, you could lose it to civil forfeiture, however when it’s done on an ODOT property in a Joint Office of Homeless Services furnished tent, well there’s not much to lose, is there? There’s a drug dealers have traditionally used rental cars.

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Jonathan, it’s absolutely telling that you can’t even call this camp what it is – a CHOP SHOP for STOLEN BIKES. The journalist who wrote the article even asked if the guy cares if what he’s SELLING is stolen; he said no.

So there you have it.

You censored my post because you want to protect the criminals who operate freely on our streets. You are making excuses for the people who steal directly from bicyclists in Portland-- in addition to blocking sidewalks and bike lanes, completely rendering the 205 and Springwater paths unusable, and even threatening our lives, on occasion (yes, I’ve been verbally and physically threatened for attempting to use bike facilities that have been appropriated by the “houseless”).

Jonathan Maus, you are an apologist and an enabler. You’ll probably remove this post and / or ban me. I don’t care, you can have your sad little echo chamber to yourself.


Yeah, unfortunately many in Portland (including elected officials) have confused enabling with compassion. The mayhem on our bike paths and the chop shops are just some of the harmful results of placing ideology above common sense.

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Yes it’s bad, yes a lot of homeless people aren’t very polite or slightly decent human beings.

But, not all of them are like that. If you were to group all homeless folks together, then that’d be exactly like drivers grouping all cyclists together. I’ve met plenty of respectful friendly homeless folks who just want to have a chat without even mentioning money.

dub_housing, your lack of respect/care for a group of humans lives by definition makes you a sociopath. When did Jonothan ever make “excuses” for them to live on our street? He simply explained that homeless people are human lives as well, and you can’t simply throw them all out of our community, it’s not that easy or simple.

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@Jonathan_Maus I look forward to response to questions specifically directed at you :slightly_smiling_face:

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