Slabtown chop shop in the news

This artitcle in the Tribune today highlights an illegal encampment “famous for all the bikes”. Let’s check in with the proprietor of this booming business:

Kyle Ryan has been a resident since April 2021 on the block between Northwest Quimby and Pettygrove Street. What he calls his bike repair business has spilled into the street over the winter. Ryan said he was surprised by the action.

Surprised that the city is clearing a camp that is blocking a public right-of-way? Only in Portland.

He said his bicycle chop shop — he accepts bikes without asking if they are stolen, and fixes them up to sell and trade — had spread into the roadway, but hadn’t taken up the sidewalk.

Oh thank goodness! I’m sure everyone felt totally safe weaving through the piles of trash, glass and needles, getting within arm’s reach of the camp’s occupants, etc. /sarcasm

Ryan said, in the bike trade, name-brand frames are popular. Also BMX. “Nobody really uses the brakes … the wheels are the hardest part to keep. BMX is really popular right now. Everybody wants BMX 20-inch wheels with fat tires now.”

Here’s a guy knowingly selling stolen property on the street-- after he’s disguised it-- and the politicians and DA just look the other way, in deference to the “homelessness activists”. Sometimes I feel like we live in an alternate universe where up is down, wrong is right, etc. Is it any wonder that Portland’s livability is in the toilet?

A team leader with Rapid Response Bio-Clean, who did not wish his name to be used, explained that although many people at the bigger camp on the next block south were surprised by the call to move, his team allowed them time to sort and move their possessions. The material ranged from furniture to electronics to food to bottles of urine and buckets of feces.

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I wonder how long it would be before I would be fined if I kept bottles of urine and buckets of feces sitting out on my front lawn next to the sidewalk?
Rules and laws are there for a reason and need to be applied to all, not just the few that it’s convenient to apply them to.
Edit: I think especially laws around health and safety should be enforced without fail and without any excuses. If Portland needs more public toilets, well then do it. If Portland needs “free garbage” days for low/no income folks, then do it. But to continue doing nothing, for the actual person camping on the street is unconscionable. And before those of you ask what have I done. Well I’ve had various homeless people stay in my home from a couple weeks on a couch to several years in a spare room.


As of 1/13 The huge chopshop around 94th and SE Glenwood on the I 205 trail…just south of Woodstock and north of the Springwater trail…has been cleaned out. It had been there for a very long time.

Another key quote from the article:

‘Ryan said he was looking to move to another camp under I-405, around Northwest 18th Avenue and Savier Street. He said he isn’t interested in a shelter or moving temporarily in with friends in an apartment. “I have too much stuff to bring to somebody’s house. It’s kind of a burden.”’