Show us your mask!

I’m not wearing a mask on bike but also not getting within 10 ft of anyone except my house mate.

And hel-muffs by GIgi. :wink:

That’s my wife’s product! Thanks for your support :heart:

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I love ‘me. Probably had the for ten winters now?

I love my buff, and I can breathe through it just fine.


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Mask is really important whenever you go outside.

I’m using a balaclava for now, but hoping to upgrade to a real sewn mask soon.


Went out for the first time in 16 days last night to do some curbside food pickup.


love the look of that mask. Gigi’s Handiwork huh? :wink:

LOL. Actually not in this case. A neighbor beat her to making masks in bulk and gave our household some. But Gigi has already started modifying ours from ties to elastic bands. :wink:

Here’s my mask when I’m out on my fast bike. It’s a Buff. Works well but isn’t very sealed at all.

I became very aware today, riding to my office to pick up the official “start working from home” laptop, that my fabric mask protects no one from any bug I might have. It protects me a little, because when I inhale, it seals itself around either my nostrils (no air - suffocating) or my mouth. I can get enough air through the mask and through my mouth.

On the exhale, the air’s path of least resistance is straight up and past my glasses. Even in today’s warm weather, the glasses fog. Everything that lands on them is aerosolized.

That means the mask is little more than virtue signaling, saying “I believe in this and am doing my part. Now back off and give me some room.” I haven’t seen any runners wearing masks - they’re signaling a different kind of virtue. Breathing hard, shedding virus, if they happen to have it.

That depends on where they are – a reasonable percentage of runners I see wear masks. Masks probably help some as aerosol that gets caught in the mask and on your glasses is stopped. Having said that, people have a lot more faith in the effectiveness of masks than they should.

That’s not good because it makes driving look like the best way to get around. Frankly, driving probably is the best way to get around by a purely transportation point of view. Roads are open, parking is everywhere, you’re fully shielded, and even your air is filtered should you be concerned about someone breathing 20 feet from you.

I’ll stick with walking and cycling all the same :slight_smile:

What I read some time ago about air quality in cars suggests that we’re better off passing them in a bike lane than in a car stuck behind other fume-emitting vehicles. Your car’s air intake is perilously close to the previous car’s tailpipe. And I don’t know what kind of air filtration your car has; as far as I know, mine has none. (Now I’ll have to dig up the manual and look.)

Cat mask in full effect


That looks good :grinning: how does it do with fogging?

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Thanks for the nudge, BikeIndex! I’m ready to do some banking…


YES! I made a massive batch - went through half a wholesale roll of 1/4" elastic, then donated the rest of the elastic.

It was a lateral move. I biked all winter with a balaclava… so I’m used to it. Bonus with making my own though, I made a channel along the nose to hold a pipe cleaner cut to size so I can mold around my nose. It decreases glasses-fog by about 90%. Short of buying ski goggles, it will have to do.


Love the pipe cleaner idea. Will have to try that.

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I need to own anything called “hel-muffs.” That’s brilliant.

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