Seattle to Portland

I want to do the annual Seattle to Portland ride next year. My challenge is getting to Seattle with my eight foot recumbent. Are there any suggesti
ons how I could join a person or group doing the ride?

Would Amtrak be an option? I’ve taken my “standard-shaped” bike on it, but not sure if a recumbent would be allowed. Are you able to dismantle your bike for transit? Might allow you to just pack it up and take it as luggage on Amtrak (or something similar, like Flixbus)

I have had conversations with Amtrak about transportating a recumbent. They advertise that they have bike racks on some of their trains. Every time I mentioned the word recumbent there is a stern no. Even after I offer to bring it to the train station to be examined.

Have you tried the mail lists at or