SE Oak & SE 2nd. City of Portland OMF-IRP photo of torn apart bikes

These were present when the City of Portland came by and posted the “hey guys, we’re gonna come and remove the camp” notice on 1/6/23 for incident 22-112806. When they returned on 1/19/23, there was nothing around and no property was collected for the same case;

However, despite the marker on map being off, photos show the OMF-IRP collected property at the same location on 1/6/23 at 3:39PM for incident 22-110331. Some of you maybe interested in at least calling HUCIRP and asking to inspect items collected.

Not speculating any of them are stolen or not stolen, but I think the public should at least have the right to get the serial #s of bikes collected by City Government’s OMF-IRP.


I’m almost 99.99% certain there is no illegal activity taking place there.

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Oh this is just our most vulnerable attempting to survive. Where is your compassion? It’s so unfair to even think that any of these bikes may be stolen. I’m confident purchase receipts could be shown for every one of these. Plus even if one was “borrowed” it probably came from an overly privileged housed person. They can just buy another one. /s