Say goodbye to infrastructure improvements: Portland transportation bureau to propose $32 million in budget cuts

Portland bike lanes that we already have are not maintained and kept clear of cars and debris and now this.
Since PBOT is dependent on downtown parking fees the budget is negatively impacted by Portland being slower to recover than other cities. Maybe allowing vandalism, open drug use and do what you please homelessness is not such a good idea.

Classic tactic, propose cuts to the items that are popular with citizens so that when PBOT comes with it’s hand out at the next election they’ll want voters to pass some new tax or bond.
Remember when Metro claimed they didn’t have the money for the Zoo and promised that they’d build a multi-acre retirement park for Packy? Voters passed it, Metro used money for something else, and said so sorry, no money for Packy. I wouldn’t doubt PBOT would play the same game.