Safety while biking in Portland

See the link for a KGW investigation into the poor response time to answer 911 calls in Portland. Don’t depend on your cell phone to bring in the calvary if you have an issue. Plus the police may or may not come depending if there are current shootings or violent protests both of which unfortunately are common in Portland.


Avoiding known problem bike routes
(Such as a lot of the springwater corridor)

Ride in groups when able

Don’t ride after dark (if possible) in problem locales.

Carry pepper spray in easy reach

Carry a handgun if you are licensed appropriately and have training.

I don’t want any more fellow cyclists to get attacked or be injured.

Stay safe!

Is that like the old bumper sticker, “In case of rapture, call a priest?”

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Don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

If this lack of adequate 911 response bothers you…here is the place to comment to the Portland 911 Bureau of Emergency Communications

Most of the concerns are
Potholes and vagrancy related debris.
Heroin impaired drivers. There was a druggie that OD’d in an RV that was in motion in downtown. Fortunately, nobody was hurt.
Vehicles without plates that are driven like they were stolen.

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“I think their lack of response is retaliation for that,” said Dana. “Police officers have been telling [City Council] that we don’t have resources to respond. But I’m looking at the dispatch screen and I see officers not on calls. Or I see an officer saying they’re responding to a low priority call, but their patrol car GPS shows them at a Starbucks for 3 hours. It doesn’t add up.”


….“ These excuses rang hollow to Erica. To explain why, she pointed to the frequent police patrols at a homeless encampment near her home.”

I haven’t seen this. I WISH I had frequent police patrols at the homeless encampment near me.