Safety Status of MUP near Gateway Green?

Hello folks,
My husband is taking my son and a few of his friends to Gateway Green tomorrow, for a first try at mountain biking. They were planning to ride the MAX to Gateway Transit Center and then ride the MUP to Gateway Green. However, we have never taken that route–which looks easy on the map, but I am wondering about the actual status of that route, especially with safety concerns. I’d prefer that my husband not ride through a drug-addict encampment with three boys…or it would be good to know what to expect, and if that route is one other parents would take with kids, or if it should be avoided…thanks for the help!

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As of three weeks ago, it was clear from the Transit Center to GG. Things could have changed since then, but I think all the construction in the area has kept the trail clear this summer from the Transit center north (not so going south).

I haven’t ridden that section of the 205 path in a while, but it’s a really short trip between the Transit Center and Gateway Green. I wouldn’t sweat it.

I rode the 205 path from Marine Drive to Main Street, yesterday. It was clear from Marine Drive all the way through Gateway Green to the Gateway transit center. There were homeless people at the transit center, including one sleeping on the path. There were campers at various spots from the transit center to where I got off the path at Main Street. None of them bothered me.

I saw families and kids at Gateway Green park.

Husband and kids went to Gateway Green, riding bikes on the MUP from the transit center. Said it was fine. A bit of garbage. Nothing much to worry about. And they had an absolutely fabulous time at the park.


So glad to hear it went well Shannon!