Rules of the road

Bicyclists, when you come to an intersection, you need to get off your bike and walk it across the street if you want traffic to yield to you in the crosswalk; otherwise you must follow the same Right-of-way rules as motor vehicles. You’re not a pedestrian when you are on your bike.

No. I was going to post just “No,” but there’s a minimum of 20 characters, so you can read this too now.

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So, if I ride my bike in the cross walk motor vehicles can freely plow into me. Got it, thanks the heads up.

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Hi @farchieb. What you’ve written is not what the law says. It’s pretty confusing, so I’m not surprised folks get this wrong.

In Oregon, bicycle users have the same rights as walkers in crosswalks and bicycle users do not have to dismount. The law requires bicycle users to slow to a walking-speed when entering/exiting a crosswalk (or sidewalk). But other than that, bicycle users are essentially pedestrians when on their bike in a crosswalk.