Rosemont Trail?

Does anyone know if bikes are allowed on the Rosemont Trail in West Linn? I’ve read articles from several years ago saying that bikes were banned, but it seems to show up as a bike trail on some maps, so maybe (hopefully) things have changed?

I saw this post when it went up and looked for hours with no answer. Something about it seemed so familiar! Well, I found it and a sort-of answer. Giro PDX rides along it. I’ve ridden it once, Giro PDX 2016.

So, I don’t know if it’s expressly allowed but it is still included on this year’s route. I’d reach out to Devin Bailly. He’d be the best person to ask about it. Giro PDX - Le Foglie Morte di Sud Portlandia - A bike ride in Portland, OR

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Cool, I will check out that route - thank you!