Riverview Natural Area Cycling

I am an avid MTB rider and new to the Portland area.

I am confused! I see hikers & cyclists in the Riverview Natural Area. The hikers say MTB’s are not permitted and the bikers say it is OK to ride in the area. Can someone tell me who is correct? Thanks in advance!

Great question.

Bike riding at River View is not allowed. For now at least.

The issue was heavily debated back in 2016 and the way council left it was that if the site is deemed OK for bike use in the (currently languishing and unfinished) Off Road Cycling Master Plan, then Council will allow biking in River View. This was considered a very big breakthrough for cycling advocates. Here’s the BikePortland recap if you’re interested → River View plan passage is a watershed moment for off-road cycling in Portland - BikePortland.org

I’d also recommend further reading via our River View Natural Area story archives.

Be aware if you ride at RVNA you become fodder for the haters who are just waiting expose you on their official-sounding-but-not-official Facebook page.

Learn more about RVNA on the City’s official website.

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