Rivershore chop shop between Lindbergh's Beach and Fremont Bridge

There was the time when Going Street was entirely closed after a train hit the pillar which detoured people onto the little known private road that goes between the Willamette River and the freight train rails.

Hidden in the trees/foliage was a shed that obviously appeared to have been built unofficially and off the record with scrap materials.
45.543253, -122.687041 https://goo.gl/maps/RSNRvRqsofeayfVh9
(about 2,000 ft to NW from Fremont Bridge along east shore)

There was a vehicle parked in the pull out along the River Street that looked like it did not belong and there were a handful of bicycle frames under the shed, and a few more on the beach. There were several dozen hypodermic needles scattered in the area as well.

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