River View Cemetery UPDATE IMPORTANT

Hi Cyclists

Please note that the roadway in the cemetery, after you approach the “4 way stop” (yellow yield signs by Toulan’s graves) after you go down what we call “Snake Road” instead of veering to the right by the Dirt Barn, go left and wrap around.

The City of Portland has a need for a lot of dirt at a parks project and boy do we have a lot of dirt! They will start the process of removing our soil. We anticipate this will take a few times to empty the Dirt Barn.

I am sorry for the last minute notice, much of which involves the weather. The important thing to know is that the dirt will be going away.

Thank you,
Rachel Essig, Executive Director
River View Cemetery & River View Cemetery Funeral Home


Thank you for the proactive engagement. It is much appreciated! Hope you have a good holiday


Dear River View Cemetery, thank you so much for allowing people to walk and ride a bike through the cemetery. You provide a service that the state of Oregon fails to provide or maintain in the southwest Portland area: safe transportation.


Thank you River View Cemetary


Thank you so much for allowing us to use the cemetery. I try to send respectful thoughts to all the residents and visitors as I ride through, including my grandparents on both sides of my family.


Thank you for the notice and for letting us traverse your gorgeous facility!

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