River View Cemetery - Tree Work - Road closures

Hi Cyclists

Please note that we are having some significant tree work done after the September 2020 windstorm, January 2021 wind/rain and February snow storm. All of you that frequent our cemetery know what I mean. That being said, “snake road” which is the road from the “4 way stop” to the “dirt barn” may be closed Thursday or Friday depending when the crews can get in. We’ll try our best to re-navigate you as best as possible. We need to potentially close the road to get a crane into that area along the canyon.

Also, BIG thank you for being super cool about Memorial Day weekend, we only had a handful of angry cyclists that cursed at us. We’ll take that as a good sign! The families of River View also thank you.

Be well and stay safe,
Rachel Essig, Executive Director
River View Cemetery


Thanks for the heads up! Many residents in southwest are very grateful for your generosity year round and although last weekend was tough to get around, I’m very grateful for this low stress connection in a otherwise stressful part of town for those on bikes every other week of the year.


The location of the dirt barn is clear, but where is the “4 way stop”? The nearby intersections had no signs, stop or otherwise, as of a few weeks ago. Clues appreciated.

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Hi Jay

Good question, there are signs at the “stop” they are yellow and say “Yield” it’s by the Toulan monument and there’s a small triangle shaped garden at the intersection.

They will be coming back to that same roadway area again to do more work, they decided not to use the crane over there today. They had to take our very loarge Elm by the mausoleum that took up a lot of their time today.

Thank you Rachel, I will take care. But given the “yield” signs, this is not a four-way stop. You may have better interactions with all your visitors if what you call that intersection matches the signs you described. Here’s what Oregon says to do at each type of sign.

Thanks Jay, we’ll make a note of that.