RIP Seraphin Ibrahim (Dead at 23 years old)

Seraphin Ibrahim, only 23 years old. Another victim of the dangerous streets of Portland we have allowed and enabled. Enforcing our laws has become “evil” in Portland and now we are reaping the consequences of this approach.

Forty-two people have died in Portland crashes so far this year, compared with 63 in all of 2022.

As tragic as all these deaths are, is this forum really the place to complain about and repost them?

Anyone else noticed the reduction in posts regarding cycling since you started posting? Please consider finding another forum to air your thoughts.

We all know there are problems in our city. Many are complicated and will require significant effort and time to solve.


Actually I feel this forum is an appropriate place to post reports and concerns of traffic violence as this forum attracts those who are interested and participate in active transportation in Portland. Therefore they may have interest in making our streets safer. Shouldn’t we all be “complaining” about the massive increase of death on Portland streets? UNTIL we can raise awareness and then communicate our concerns to elected officials and be informed, engaged voters I fear we will just continue to set traffic violence death and injury records in Portland. Ignoring or minimizing the mayhem our our streets won’t make it get better. Here is the latest pedestrian death :skull: in Portland:

Unfortunately three has been a huge decline of cycling in Portland. I feel a lot of that has to do with the unsafe roads and the general lawlessness we now see in Portland.