Right-hook caught on camera

Occurred today in Tualatin. Does anyone recognize the cyclist hit in this video? She was wearing some OSU stuff and I’d like to get this video in her direction.

Glad the cyclist was not injured. Scary.

I do need to add that your aggressive behavior and incendiary language is not helpful to the situation. It’s just not.

You must have missed the beginning of the video where the driver violently hits a person with a deadly weapon.

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I had such high hopes you were finally getting the help you so rightly need.
You should probably try anger management courses next to see if that’ll get you to stop being a danger and threatening to others and yourself. And no, there’s no excuse for you to go off the deep end like you did in the video. All you should have done was to assist the bicyclist and not even engage the driver. But your obvious anger issues got in the way.

Good luck!

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not even engage the driver

You’re part of the problem. Go find CarPortland.

This is the same person who was talking about acquiring a firearm. Scary.

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If ever there was a need for red flag laws, this person is it. The situation was already tense, but automatically escalating further with violent behavior did not help.


Nope we all saw that part. Doesn’t mean it’s okay to behave like you did. I certainly hope you have decided not to own a firearm.

As a society we’ve really blown it with social media. It allows sociopaths and narcissists a platform where they show their misdeeds, in this case over the top anger (if the driver didn’t have their door locked one could only wonder what might have happened), in the search for affirmation that they are doing something good and right. Time and time again they are shown their aren’t but since they have no moral compass they will continue.
It’s really sad to see.