Riding during the pandemic

From what I can tell, most every group ride has been cancelled. Solo rides are the thing now. I’m also seeing people who don’t want to even ride solo and are only riding indoors (to be close to family, to lessen risk of injury, etc…).

What are you doing to keep your pedals moving during the pandemic?

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I’ve been trying to get out most days on the cargo bike with the kid and/or grocery shopping. It’s incredibly nice with the lower traffic volumes–you can even hear birds!

The corporate parking lot across the street from us is rather empty–it’s a great place to take the kid out for pedal practice and fresh air.

That said, I did just order a bike trainer–Might as well be active when working from a home desk setup.

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Yes isn’t it nice without so many drivers on the road. That’s one thing I hope doesn’t go back to normal. And great idea on using that parking lot to practice riding with your little one! And good luck with your indoor trainer. That’s an entirely other thread! I ride indoors too.

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Starting last week, I noticed my commute home was filled with 3-4x the amount of pedestrians on the SW Willamette Trail. As a result, I started to try other ways to reduce so much interaction. I’ve also noticed that while there is a bit less traffic, the ones to continue to drive are doing so at higher rates of speed. Here’s to hoping that the increased police presence due to the order from the Governor will help keep a few of the speed demons in check.

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I’m glad I got a ride in this last Saturday with my son up to Rocky Butte. The weather was gorgeous and I had an outpatient procedure on my leg on Monday that is going to keep me off my bike for at least two weeks minimum.

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The reduction in traffic and mechanized racket is welcome, but overall it’s not an improvement (and some roads are actually worse with faster vehicles).

I ride weekends and evenings to keep my legs and brain from turning to goo – mostly SW hills. Nice from a cycling perspective, but done daily it’s too much like exercise and not enough of a treat or escape from the realities of utility cycling. Plus, when you’re rec riding during the week, it makes a long weekend ride seem less special.

One thing utility cycling will always have is it’s the best way to get around, and that by itself makes it so rides you’ve done literally thousands of times never get old.

Have always preferred riding solo – that’s what I do over 99% of the time. Riding with one other person can be fun, but riding near strangers with unknown skills/judgment is a recipe for trouble so I avoid doing so whenever possible.

Social distancing will also takes place when riding a bike. Stay safe everyone.