Restore the Intersection Art on Overlook Greenways

Hi North Portland Commuters!
You asked to be informed about the Intersection Repair in Overlook and the good news is, in addition to new concrete planters to re-size the intersection, we will be repainting the images, all icons of Overlook’s transportation history.

You’re invited to join us on July 24th for painting day and/or if you can’t make it, we’re crowdfunding our expenses - the cost of paint has doubled since our original installation in 2012 and we were unable to get any local grants. Your donations will be meaningful and leave a colorful legacy at this local landmark.
We’ll be celebrating block party style on Saturday the 24th, or you can stop by to admire our work at the intersection of N Concord Blvd/N Overlook Blvd/N Failing St

Find the history and story behind the Intersection Repair and donate here: