REI closing Portland store (biggest bike retailer in Portland)

It’s a sad day for outdoor enthusiasts in Portland.

If you like to get camping and biking gear at REI (I do) now you have to schlep out to the suburbs. It’s not safe to run a business in Portland says REI:

The safety of our employees, members and customers is always our number one priority. In recent years, Portland has been dealing with increased crime in our neighborhood and beyond. Last year, REI Portland had its highest number of break-ins and thefts in two decades, despite actions to provide extra security.

In our Portland, love wins!

In our forum, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt win!

Please do let us know immediately of any/all of the large businesses that are moving into downtown Portland . . . . waiting . . .

still waiting . . . .

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Yes, it’s true the new Portland can be scary. I completely understand how some want to not accept the reality of the demise of a once great city and pretend “everything is fine” and say “it’s like this everywhere”. The problem is that it’s not until one accepts that a problem exists can one make it better. Denial is not a good way to effect change.

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