Recent bike lane bockage

 ne Weidler bike lane east of 102nd and before the medical center has had a homeless encampment which changes in design and occupancy weekly. Recently the camping has been largely in the parking lane and the sidewalk open. Now it has a motor-home which extends out to the traffic lane and people and shopping carts from the traffic lane to the bike lane to the sidewalk. It is close to impassable without going into the lanes with autos.
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It’s time that we stage identical setups in self important uppity neighborhoods in front of influential people’s house right at the same time you submit complaint on the Gateway one.

Maybe the front of Vega Pederson’s house…

It’s impossible for your setup to have existed longer than the one you reported prior to staging one, so if yours is threatened with removal or just removed without notice, the city better has a objectively reasonable reason why yours got removed first.

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