Reacching the beach without pedaling

With the over 100 degree days this week I went to the train station and caught a ride on the “Point” bus to Astoria for some hours with cooler breezes. Part of my purpose for my travels was to get a look at the possibility of taking my bike with me. The coaches have the tall storage spaces similar to those used by Greyhound built between the floor and the bottom frame of the vehicle. I had two chances to look at the storage spaces, one empty and a second time with two bikes being off-loaded. The bikes I saw looked like they were laying flat in the spaces and not tied down. A driver I talked to said tie-downs were a possibility. My thought if I try this option is bring my own padding for handlebars and derailleurs. The driver I spoke with said that there is probably a small additional fee added to the $18 one-way fare. For a chance to get to Cannon Beach, Seaside or Astoria in about three hours with onboard wifi it is tempting. I may try this option in September.


First, thank you for taking the bus to the coast this week!
My work is on the north coast; we’ve been working hard to make car free trips to the coast a viable option. The infrastructure is overwhelmed; your car free trip means a lot.

Resources: Car-Free Trips on the North and Central Coasts  - Oregon Coast Visitors Association
Car-Free Transportation - Travel Oregon


A ferry from Portland to Astoria would be amazing. A floating bike dock-path would be even more amazing. Fantasy, I know.


If you put bikes in the luggage bays make sure the doors are closed before the bus takes off. I have seen a similar bus (in another country) bombing down the road with the luggage bay doors open wide and bikes inside laying on their sides just waiting to make their exit at a sharp curve in the road.

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Have glanced at bikes in the storage compartments under the bus and it looked like they were loose in the space. Perhaps I need to bring plan on bringing padding.