Rattle-can Operators

Super sorry I forgot to share this yesterday after I got home from capturing it. Folks rattle-can-ing this bike out on the sidewalk. This is a continuously evolving bike/parts heap on the sidewalk in my n’hood in NE. If you think it’s your bike, message me.


Come check out the western edge of downtown sometime especially in and around SW 13th between MAX tracks and Montgomery. It’s like what you shared happening every day. What you’re seeing is the new norm.

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Same thing is happening with stolen cars. All along the 205 path now, people stripping parts in broad daylight and leaving / burning the remnants. What happened to Portland? Just a few years ago we were a drastically more functional city.

Has to do with the city government of Portland refusing to take actions on criminal offenses (like illegal burning, possession of stolen property (shopping carts with owner name clearly evident) and other matters when it is presumed to be vagrant and transient related.