Rampant Traffic violence in Portland, more road deaths

Officials say this amounts to the 40th traffic-related death in Portland since the start of 2023, including nine this month.
We eliminated our traffic police, “de-emphasized” enforcement and here we are Portland with record setting levels of traffic related deaths and injuries. All the “transportation advocates” say is to change our infrastructure. Well better infrastructure is great but it was worse 5-10 years ago and we had no where near this level of carnage. Are we proud of the lawless free for all we allowed or are we going to change course?

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Changing public behavior requires both lots of communications (Public Service Ads and leadership from politicians) and a some “stick”. PBOT has been trying to do the communications part (e.g. “slow the flock up”) but there’s no stick. And without the stick in the form of traffic enforcement, we won’t see much results.


Agree 100% . Unfortunately that’s the M.O. in Portland and Multnomah County—-no stick. “Sticks” are described as “racist”, “sexist”, “ageist”, not compassionate, not in line with “restorative justice”, etc. Unfortunately this approach has led to many of our current problems with traffic violence being one of them.