Portland’s Police Bike Squad’s Instagram account morphs from Bike Registration to Fentanyl

Portland Police bike team Officer David Baer started an Instagram account to extoll the virtues of bike registration. Now it’s all fentanyl all the time.

Baer says the bureau started the Instagram account to talk about bike registration. But it’s morphed into something much different.

At this point, fentanyl is essentially my full-time job,” he said. “It’s the volume and the violence around that. People are carrying guns because they’re involved with the fentanyl trade. We’re seizing more guns, and seizing amounts of dope that four years ago would have been unfathomable to bike officers … When I took this job, this was a total nothing gig. I took this job because I could get dayshift and weekends off, our biggest concern then was people drinking beers in public.”*

It’s still good to register your bike. :smile: go
to www.bikeindex.org

It’s the cost of rent.