Portland looks like sh&* I-205 bike path

One of many cars now abandoned on the I-205 BIKE path. I’d say contact your city council but we have a failed city government so that is a futile effort. Should we start a go fund me campaign to tow derelict vehicles?


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We’ve given up riding here. The last time was a few months ago. The car was off to the side. The fence and side hill looked like the service area of Bike Gallery with 30-40 frames hung on the fence and laying on the hill. And the had a camp fire going. Passed a police car farther south a month ago and mentioned this area. He said he goes through weekly and asks them to clear the path. Then he shrugged. That’s all he can do. Very frustrating and disappointing. I wish I had a constructive solution.


Yeah unfortunately we have chosen not to enforce the law out of a misguided attempt at “compassion” which really is just enabling this behavior. What about the compassion for those who now can’t use the bike path?