Portland driver ‘intentionally’ hit pedestrian with car, police say

The latest attack on a pedestrian by a driver in lawless Portland. While the Bike Portland echo chamber, local transportation “advocates” and transportation nonprofits routinely ignore the need for more traffic police, pedestrians continue to suffer. They do this because of their religious adherance to the far left extremist values of “police hate” which is compounding and prolonging the epidemic of traffic violence in Portland.

We need RAPID control of reckless driving in Portland. Building better infrastructure (while good) is a LONG term solution. Traffic cameras are only ONE component of traffic enforcement. Until drivers routinely know there are consequences for speeding, reckless and impaired driving, Portland will continue to set traffic violence records.

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This doesn’t seem like a good example of what you wrote about in regard to traffic enforcement.

It was a case of someone intentionally running someone over. The police did respond, and arrested her. I doubt she thought there would be no consequences for intentionally trying to kill someone. I don’t see how even massive increases in traffic police would have stopped this. I also doubt there will be much “police hate” directed at the police for making this arrest.

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Because of the lack of enforcement In Portland people drive knowing there is a very low risk of consequences for not following our traffic laws. More enforcement has a preventative effect on reckless driving, speeding and impaired driving. Something the anti-police faction can’t seem to grasp.

Yes, that’s similar to what you wrote earlier. I generally agree with that. I was commenting that it doesn’t seem to be very related to the case in the article.

The lawlessness tolerated on our Portland streets do have a direct nexus to someone feeling empowered to intentionally hit a pedestrian, There is a sense that there will be little or no consequences for one’s actions and people behaving accordingly. It’s human nature.