Portland City Government's truthful attitude towards bike lanes: unimportant


Active Transportation is nothing but a marketing buzz.

SW 13th Ave between SW Market & Montgomery 10/27/22 when OMF-HUCIRP came by in response to citizen complaints. The staffer on those program should never have been allowed to work remotely. Not one day, never, not once.


other side

When The City of Portland Office of Management and Finance, Impact Reduction Program’s vendor Rapid Response Bio Clean came back on 11/2/22, it was like this
nov 2

As RRBC wrapped it up:
13th after

Then guess what?!
Numerous complaints later, it was like this when those inept “impact reduction program” finally posted the SAME EXACT DAMN SPOT again on 1/12/23

When RRBC came back on 1/20/23, it was like this:

then leaving it like this…
20th after

however, with absolutely positively nothing in place to prevent recurrence at the exact same spot.

This would not be allowed in car lanes, or in the street in hoity-toity monied neighborhoods.


Each dot represents an occasion City of Portland OMF-HUCIRP (IRP) has done a risk assessment. The map shows how often they’ve been to that spot in the past one year.

Conducting such assessments of course means job security of MPA, QMHP, CADC , MSW coordinators, outreach personnel etc


And… bike lane at that same spot west side of SW 13th Ave between SW Montgomery - SW Market is partially obstructed again and on its way to full obstruction as of February 20, 2023