Photos of the plastic sticks to stop drive by shootings: ONLY in failed Portland

Classic Portland Absurdity. PBOT has installed plastic sticks at Jefferson High School to stop further drive by shootings. Is this some sort of cruel joke? You can’t make this stuff up. A fully staffed police force? Nah. SRO’s Nah. Gun Violence Reduction Team? Nah. Plastic sticks…yeah they stop bullets. Cleveland High School shooting investigation continues |

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The lights are on despite being day time. That means 120v is present in socket around the clock.
This is Portland. So, I think you can setup a tiny home on wheels in there; break into the light fixture of school. After citizens complain about it, I think that officials would remove the cord and fix the fixture after sixty days without anything getting busted…

I wish I ran the “Plastic Bollard Company” that Portland has a contract with. I’d be rich!

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It’s a housing problem.