Pedalpalooza 2020: Theme Rides

This year’s Pedalpalooza will be unlike any other year, as we’re simply not going to be able to encourage people to gather en masse, but fear not – the fun will roll on. This year we’re assigning a theme for every day so riders can celebrate separately, but together. For instance, June 27th will be World Naked Bike Ride Day where people are encouraged to cycle in the buff – even if just in circles around their living room… We have 30 days to fill with themes and would love to hear your ideas!

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Anyone else see that Rose Fest has just announced some pretty creative ideas that maybe we could steal for Pedalpalooza? The Portland Rose Festival is hosting virtual events |

They’re telling folks to decorate porches and then they’re going to put the porches on a map so folks can visit ones in their n’hoods. There will even be a “porch parade” of Rose Fest VIPs.

Maybe one of the theme days can be “Rose Ride” where ppl grab flowers from their garden or that they make or buy (fake or alive, whatever!) and put them on their bike?


Love it!! We’re hoping people ride around checking out the porches, for sure. We’ll post the route on the day when it’s live. Riding around with their bikes covered in roses as they tour is ADORABLE.

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Hi! :wave:t2: I just moved here from Minneapolis. I was bummed to hear about the changes to Pedalpallooza this year :slightly_frowning_face: But I have an idea for a theme. In Minneapolis we have a cat tour where people get together & tour a neighborhood for the purpose of sighting cats in windows. Some owners register their cats to be in the tour & hold them up in the window or bring them outside. We could have like a bingo card & a prize? What do you think? Here’s a link:


Welcome to Portland!! And what a fun idea!! Kind of reminds us of the Catio Tour. If you create a map of cats (on Google Maps, Ride with GPS, or however you’d like), we’ll gladly share. Bonus if you are able to come up with ideas for bingo card. People could totally just pull the bingo card images up on their phones to play. Once you’ve got some of these aspects lined up, submit them here:

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I loved the image of “super hero” day, seeing independent cyclists all over the city riding with capes waving behind them. I think people of all transportation persuasions will be a bit uplifted to have an interesting comment on their day be “Hey - I saw so many bicyclists wearing capes today.” ( or with flowers/teddy bears/crazy helmets, etc.)

I also like the idea of people sharing printable signs and posters online that we could print out at home to add to our bikes or staple on telephone poles advertising the daily schedule of Pedalpalooza costume or bike decor themes, or perhaps injecting a political cause onto your personal roving billboard display.

Here are my seven ideas (so far) for our Covid-19 independent Pedalpalooza themes. Perhaps Jonathan could do a daily post of the best photos of themed riders sent in to Maybe a photo contest! - Top prize: recognition.

1. Stuffed Animals

to delight children

2. Flowers

to delight all

or to say “no more ghost bikes”, or ?


3. Gilets Jaunes (night time ride?)

In solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests) grassroots movement for economic justice in France.

4. Black Armbands

to memorialize fallen bicyclists (independent Jazz Funeral)

5. Masked Bandits

New annual ride - to commemorate our year of living Covid-19.

What mask are you rocking?

*but no toy guns

nod to mh

6. Swooping Magpie Protection / Toppers / Helmet Decorations

nod to Australia

7. (Literally) Lit - Neon Ride (night time ride?)


OK, everyone! Brainstorm time! Pile on your ideas!



Yesssss! Great ideas, Betsy! We’ve declared June 6th the Petite Grand Parade Day, to join forces with the Rose Festival. Would you like to help us drum up excitement for that theme? It will involve flowers, bikes and more! If “yes,” reach out to us at

Welcome to Portland Brianna! Thanks for joining the Forums. That’s such a cool idea. :grin:

Two ideas for themes, both involving costumes:

“Movie Characters” and “Halloween in June”

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Apocalypse Day! We could have Zombies, hazmat suits, Max Max shit…

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Any chance for a skate, scoot day? Or perhaps just an Alt-palooza day?

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@PDXperiences - YES! There will be a Halloween in June – Pretty sure it’s slated for June 13th. SpooooOOOOookkky! And @Cory_P - we love the idea of Alt-palooza for a day. Scooters, pogo sticks, roller skates, and… of course skateboards! Take a look at the calendar, pick a day that works for you, and drop us a line at – we’ll get you logged in as a blog editor on the website so you can drum up excitement around the theme!

Added another ride…Animals Day…


I would love to add the map of the porches to the rose parade day so people have a fun route to follow. I think suggested routes will be key this year, as many bikers just don’t know the best bike streets or fun places to go… that’s why they rely on ride leaders

Masked Bandits will be trendy nowadays.