PDX REAL looking for “dirt” on PBOT

Angela Todd of PDX Real is gong to be looking at PBOT in the next few weeks. Should be interesting. If you have any information the public needs to hear on PBOT send it her way. I don’t totally agree with some of her take on PBOT but I do think local businesses (Russian Market, Portland Nursery, etc) aren’t being heard.

There’s a lot of PBOT employees that would be happy to anonymously talk to a reporter over a beer if asked. They do still need their jobs so they sure wouldn’t want to be identified.
Wonder when they’ll do a search for dirt on TriMet? I bet there’s employees there that would like to reveal all the money spent on projects that don’t make it to the project. Example: part of the bogus “better red” was to make the bus stop bigger and better at Parkrose. They took out 10(?) old bus stops, replaced them with 4! Yes, 4 is somehow bigger than 10. So now instead of 10 benches for folks to wait on there’s 4. Hmmm, wonder where the money went on that scam.

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