PDX pedestrian deaths reach 70 year high

The pedestrian death toll continues to rise in lawless Portland. Nothing will be done. Remember the vast majority of those killed are homeless. Yet enabling people to live in dangerous squalor is compassionate??? Huh?

Funny how much BikePortland celebrates the likes of Eudaly and Hardesty. These deaths are their legacy.

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Pedestrian deaths attributed to doing unreasonable things in unreasonable places should be tallied up different.

Like people who trespassed here to do this:


Agreed. I’d need a permit to build a garden shed in my own yard…but these folks? They are the progressive’s sacred cows.


Yep and unfortunately many bike and transportation “advocates” in Portland support enabling people to live in dangerous and squalid conditions instead of getting them to shelter and off the dangerous streets.

In most cases you don’t need a permit to build a garden shed in your own yard.

You would if you were building a living quarter. Building a shed with the intentions of living in it is a zoning violation.

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I was responding to what FunGirl wrote.