PDX car owners NOT paying for illegal parking or expired registration

Why is PBOT NOT enforcing parking laws in Portland? Yet another reason transit share and bike share in Portland is plummeting. It’s easier (and feels safer for many) to drive.

It stands to reason that reduced parking enforcement would lead to reduced compliance with various parking rules like time limits, loading zone rules, vehicle registration requirements and blocking driveway access.


Or, traffic laws and including no license plates, obvious road-hazzard vehicles which are 99% certain to not be driven by insured drivers?


The way in which Parking Enforcement Division officers have been/have been instructed to exercise discretion is definitely discriminatory.

In March 2020, during the state of COVID-19 emergency, DYLAN RIVERA, with PBOT isued the statement:

“He added that abandoned cars that are parked in an area of town with meters or time limits would still accrue parking tickets. “The issue is abandoned vehicles in areas where we don’t have time limits or meters,” he said. “They will not be ticketed or towed.””

The vehicle shown below, with WASHINGTON license plates though was parked next to a yellow curb in a metered district since about November 2022 to end of April 2023. All this time, I’ve gotten nothing but excuses from PBOT. I’ve seen nearby vehicles being cited while parking enforcement division exercised their discretion to not this vagrancy RV, even though the press statement said they were only giving leniency to unmetered area, so as such I suggested they order it moved to reasonably close-in(i.e. not out near Gresham) that do not have a time limit or meters; wide and not hilly, such as residential streets in Eastmoreland readily access by Bybee St MAX stop or in front of single family homes in Irvington readily accessible by Street Car where they can continue their vagrancy without violating posted time limit, but PBOT didn’t seem to think that’s a great idea.

That vagrancy vehicle remained stationary for about six months parked like that and PBOT has only been very minimally cooperative in its abatement.



Yeah you’re obviously not one of Portland’s “special” citizens. YOU will be ticketed to take up the slack.