Passing bike on I5 southbound Vancouver-Portland bridge

A bike (apparently behind me on the bridge this morning) yelled later as we got off that I was selfish for not letting him pass on the bridge (I think this was the issue, though I did not hear a call/bell from him).
I have to say I am not sure I would be comfortable moving over to let another bike pass while on the span because I don’t think there is enough room.
Am I thoughtless here?

Whether there’s room or not, I cannot say as I haven’t ridden there, but from all videos and accounts I’ve heard, there is not enough room. Also, how does one expect to hear anyone there with such close proximity to all that freeway noise? Much like we who ride bikes say to cage ragers, “An extra 30 seconds or less is not going to kill you to wait for a safer passing zone.” Just smile at the dude next time and say, “Oh, I’m sorry, hope you have a better day from here.” And maybe give him one of these:

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Simply posting about it says to me that you are not thoughtless. :smiley:

No, there’s not enough room to safely pass there, at least not stranger-to-stranger, nor without communication between both riders. Maybe two roadies who know each other could pass one another safely. Otherwise, it means stopping in between two of the bridge truss members, on the left side of the sidewalk next to car traffic. That’s safe enough, but it does mean stopping and it does need communication - signaling at least - to do it safely.

It’s been awhile since I was actually on that sidewalk, but I think that head-on passing is possible if the riders/walkers keep hard right and don’t wobble and weave, and use the bridge truss gaps for room. Personally, I’d slow and stop as far right as I could get. The northbound side is several inches narrower.

It’s custom and courtesy to ride those sidewalks in the same direction as car traffic but it’s not the law last time I looked. This is dated 2012 but its information is still good:


I’m sorry you were yelled at. It doesn’t sound as though you did anything wrong.