Oregon City to Beaverton commute

Does anyone do this route? We are looking at relocating from East Portland and I teach near the Nikr campus. Looks like a burly ride and looking for feedback. Cheers!

That is a haul and I can’t speak much east of the river but hwy 43/river rd into Lake O then Iron Mtn/Bonita into Tigard are likely going to be the most enjoyable/direct routes. From Tigard north there is the Fanno Creek Trail for a bit before the main north south routes through Beaverton.

Minimum 20-23 mile commitment, I think. There are a lot of great training routes (~25 - 30 mi) that could link the two places, but if you’re looking for a daily efficient route, there’s not a lot of direct good choices. If you go to ridewithgps and use their route planner, you’ll sorta get a taste. IMO Hall Blvd is a better commute option than the Fano trail, just because you’ll run into less pedestrian traffic. It has a lane from Tigard HS all the way up to the Wash Square area. One other thought might to figure out how to ride to the WES station in Tuallatin and ride up from there on transit. that might be a more manageable distance for daily riding depending on your life situation if you don’t have 3 or more hours daily to ride to and from work. if you do, you’ll certainly be fit!


Use Oleson road (Greenburg in Tigard) to get to SW Vermont Street and use the barkdust path to get to the other side of SW Vermont to ride eventually to SW Scholls Ferry Road to get to SW Jamieson Road SW 5th Street in downtown Beaverton. Then ride to Nike.

have you checked out the new heatmap feature from Ride with GPS? It shows you the roads most people ride and will help you make a good route Ride with GPS | Bike Route Planner and Cycling Navigation App … Good luck!

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