Ordered to ride by my boss

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this – my boss expressed concern over my stress levels and said words to the effect of, “I know you’ve been working hard, but you need to ride your bike. I know you’ll be thinking about the clients when you’re out there so you should think of it as work time and make sure it’s factored into your schedule”


I love it. I’m sure that if that rule was applied more widely in our litigious society, your boss would be asking for a lawsuit. But I think it makes perfect sense and I wish it was part of everyone’s job requirements.

sounds like you have a cool boss!

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The directive was aimed at me specifically – I’m the only one who rides on our team.

However they knew that me losing my commute was a big deal and what keeps me at my best. So they are very encouraging-- more so than any other place I’ve worked (historically, I’ve always been “that guy”).

On an aside note, one weird thing I’ve noticed about my new “commute” is that Germantown Road is one of those rare cases where riding in heavy traffic is more fun than light traffic.

When it’s light, everyone treats it like the Mario Andretti driving experience. But it’s really not a bad climb when it’s gummed up – and Newberry is a better descent in pretty much any conditions.

Wow, that means if you have an injury while riding it will be subject to Workers’ Comp.

Cool Boss, some minutes ago my boss pressuring to wok more.