Opinion on lovetoride.net (and are there alternatives)?

Years ago there was May bike challenge that was sponsored by the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (now the Street Trust) in which workplaces could register on it (for free) and compete against each other and within the workplace to see who could get the most miles and/or ride the most days of the month. Lots of stats and friendly competition. Somewhere around 2020 the site that hosted this lovetoride.net started charging for using it. I got my workplace to sign up, but now that it was a fairly hefty charge, there were almost no workplaces participating, which was disappointing, so that ‘gamifying’ aspect of going head-to-head with another workplace was missing. I notice that last year Street Trust used a different service - rideamigos.com, which looks to be a similar service.

So, I’m sad that this kind of thing doesn’t go on anymore in a low-cost or no-cost low-barrier way for workplaces to get involved in things like this to promote commuting and bike riding as exercise. Is this not a thing anymore? Seems like a non-profit cycling advocacy organization should create a service like this. For our small workplace LivetoRide wants about $1000 for 1 year of using their site – and no one signs up for it because of that, so there’s no friendly competition. It seems like this UK company is making money on looking like a cycling advocacy organization, when really they are a for-profit money making company – which I have no problem with really, but it seems like an actual advocacy organization should take up the reins to create a lower cost service that can be used to promote bicycling among workplaces.

Are there any alternatives to LoveToRide and RideAmigos?