Online open house about Scholls Ferry Rd sidewalk improvements

I got this postcard in the mail (see attached pictures.) Washington County is adding a sidewalk and a flashing beacon on Scholls Ferry in Raleigh Hills.

This probably will affect the adjacent bike lane, certainly during construction, and maybe afterwards. I haven’t checked out the website yet. I was thinking that I would comment that the bike lane should be a priority during and after construction. That if the bike lane is closed, there should be detours. And ask that the storm drains in the area be made flush with the pavement.

If you bicycle this section, you might want to comment too.

Here’s what I put in their comment box in the web form.

  1. Don’t make the situation for bicyclists any worse. For example, someone may suggest a compromise of reducing the bike lane width. Don’t. The 6 foot width is there on paper. As a practical matter, that 6 foot width is reduced by debris, uneven pavement, etc. So it’s already less than 6 feet. Don’t reduce it further.
  2. Do try to improve the situation for bicyclists.
  3. During construction, don’t put “Road Work Ahead” signs in the bike lanes. Put those on light poles, telephone poles, trees, etc.
  4. The bike lanes are not there to provide convenient storage of construction equipment and materials. This project benefits Raleigh Hills School in a big way. And Raleigh Hills School probably won’t be in session during construction season. So the construction equipment and materials can sit on their property.
  5. Do make the storm drains in the bike lane flush with the pavement, instead of several inches below.
  6. Do provide signed bicycle detours, and/or temporary bike lanes with cones, if you have to do something in the bike lanes. But try not to do anything to the bike lanes.

Here’s a link, if you want to save yourself some typing. They were supposed to close comments on 8/23, but the form may still be available.