NW Overton sudden one way

Wondering what is the plan now with NW Overton. With all the hoopla about the bike infra changes and then reversal just west of 9th, now there is a section between I think 10th and 11th that is one way only heading east.

Yeah, that one way westbound caught me by surprise the other day. It’s part of the shift of the city bikeway from Overton to Pettygrove. Jonathan did a story last fall on it: https://bikeportland.org/2022/09/23/first-look-new-car-traffic-diverters-and-bike-lanes-on-nw-pettygrove-364120
And here’s the PBOT project page:
I haven’t tried Pettygrove lately, so I haven’t decided if I’ll switch to that new route or just continue to use Overton despite the one way marking for drivers.