Northbound through downtown. Suggestions?

I’m returning to frequent cycling after an absence of several years. I’m planning a recreational route from North Portland, out Barbur, and back via Terwilliger. Outbound, Broadway gets me to Barbur easily enough but my question is, what is everyone’s preferred route from, say,the bottom or Terwilliger northbound through downtown to the Broadway or Steele Bridge?
Checking the bike maps and Google Map’s bicycling layer and street view, all the main streets with bike lanes seem to be southbound only–mainly Broadway, 5th, and 3rd. I could jog over to Park Ave but that’s out of the way and a relatively slow street. Any suggestions or recommendations?

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Hi Jeff! welcome to the forums :grin:

I do this quite a bit and will usually stay on 6th until Madison or Salmon and then get over to 4th Avenue if I want to get to the Broadway Bridge. 4th is pretty chill and gets you to Glisan where you’ll have to jog 2 blocks west to get onto Broadway and up to the bridge. Another option is to get over to NW Naito Parkway and then connect to the Steel Bridge via the Waterfront Park path.

Hope that helps.


Thanks much, Jonathan! I’ll give that route a look.

Me, I’m crazy and love to shake my fist and yell at bad drivers, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: so I’d just bomb down Broadway all the way. Besides, it’s pretty fun coming down alongside Pill Hill!

I ride Terwilliger fairly often. I find 6th beyond broadway sketchy what with freeway exit merge and parallel rail tracks. So at Broadway I take pedestrian crossing and ride down 5th on sidewalk or in bike lane against traffic. I yield to bikes or pedestrians coming up but actually rarely meet others. At MAX tracks I turn right, not crossing tracks, and connect to Lincoln which I take all the way to Nato. My opinion 5th is a prime location for a 2way track to make route legal. I’ve tried connecting to Lincoln on 6th and it’s not so easy.