No, City of Portland PBOT does not care safety

It’s not just the safety of bicyclists they do not care about. They’re not concerned if an illegal power connection to PBOT light pole causes an environmentally destructive electrical fire that may threaten someone else’s property, or an electrical hazard that may harm a passerby’s dog, a first responder or a blind person using a cane.

That’s because PBOT is a scum agency concerned with public image about things they actually don’t care about, such as the environment and safety.

When this happened in November, it took them 40 days to fix it after they were made aware.

When it was broken into and reported again, the scums at PDX PBOT Signal & Lighting Division essentially looked the other way.

With the access cover ripped off again and ignored by a disreputable public agency with political agenda, criminals with intentions of committing theft of utility services have hooked up an extension cord again. Something PBOT had the ability and capability to prevent by responding and re-securing the pole as soon as they were awared about the cover having been ripped off again. However, they probably sensed the homeless industrial complex would oppose to that. So, come mid February 2023, this happened again. Exact same location and not an iota of care.

This is happening absolutely everywhere:

Repeated ADA violations and bike path obstruction elsewhere that is happening in the exact same spot, over and over.