No Bike Parking at Post Office!

The post office near Gabriel Park in SW Portland doesn’t have any place to lock your bike! Does anyone know who I could contact so suggest it? No said anything when I brought it in, but all the doors were difficult to navigate w/ bike.


It’s Portland. Whoever you contact won’t do anything. Seriously. Don’t waste your time. Only taxpayer funded inane non-profits get any response from the city in this town. Individual citizen…not a chance.

It’s a federal facility making it largely exempt from the city’s jurisdiction. Maybe try to speak to the postmaster?

Interesting story. Asked a new Portland brewpub owner if he could have put up more bike racks as the one present next to his business was often full. He said “Well, I have 2 blue staple racks in my storage shed waiting to be installed. I’ve been waiting 9 months for Portland to approve the permit”. It’s been another 3 months now and the racks still aren’t up. Portland speaks the “climate change bike talk” but it’s all performative. They have lost focus on being the “city that works”. Portland government puts ideology over pragmatics. It is failing at both.


If you hate Portland so much, why don’t you move to some red state metropolis like Houston, TX?

I do hate what it has become. I’m not looking for a “red state” just pragmatic progressivism. We have lost that here in Portland.


Funny how folks can’t wish for improvements in Portland from its downward spiral of the last 2+ years. I guess we just need to tough it out and accept all that Portland has become and not want anything better for our family, friends, and neighbors.
The solution given is to give in or move. How quant. Couldn’t possibly want things to be better? Nah. Not in Portland.


Try requesting bike parking via PBOT:

For more information on free bicycle racks:

Unfortunately I have heard PBOT has temporarily suspended this program due to staffing issues, but it can’t hurt to get in line when they resume installs.

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Thanks. It’s just so frustrating as filling out these forms does nothing. I filled out a bike safety issue over 2 years ago (pre-COVID) with PBOT. Included photos, diagrams, etc. After 4-5 emails over months they admitted they had “lost it”. I sent it in again in Sept 2021. No reply. Even with 2 emails requesting a status update. Just absurdity. Why do we pay taxes again?

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Bicycle parking is required by the Portland Zoning Code. It’s been required for decades, so unless the building is exempt because it’s a federal facility (I don’t know if those are exempt, but I think it’s a possibility, per Planner John’s comment above) then the lack of bicycle parking is a zoning violation. There are standards for both short-term and long-term parking, and the short-term ones have to be a certain max. distance from the entry, readily visible, etc. so it certainly sounds like a violation.

Info about reporting a violation:

Sometimes the City acts quickly, other times it does nothing. You may want to just talk to someone at the Post Office first, then report it if that doesn’t work.


Unfortunately in my experience the city of Portland usually does nothing. Especially since they all have been “working” from home.