Newest shop break-in

Would appreciate it if y’all could keep an eye out for these 5 stolens from a recent shop break-in (Cat6). Yes, one of them likely just appeared for sale online on everybody’s favorite stolen goods fencing app, offerup, we’re aware:

2018 All City Space Horse
Serial: M18040762

2020 All City Cosmic Stallion
Serial: OR19030686

2020 All City Cosmic Stallion
Serial: OR19030474

2012 Ibis Hakkalugi Disc
Serial: 11H0690

2016 Jamis Dragonslayer
Serial: WE6K00031

Often powered by burner phones running on WiFi backhaul. In places where cops really do care, I’ve heard graffiti vandals upload their crime on Instagram through coffee shop WiFi to avoid being tied back to them using data connection tied to their cell phone account.

If that’s true than the graffiti dudes have 10X better OPSEC than 99% of the idiots listing on Offerup. They’ll often use their real names or do things that let us match an OU profile to a person. But it’s still usually on the victim to go chase down the bike and the seller. And Offerup does nothing to screen out, like, 15-time violent felons, like this guy:


That comes down to lack of enforcement. Why hide if you can get away with plain sight crime? Removal of free WiFi for criminals to use could help, because then they’d have to pay for their data which would cut into their drug funds.

The guy that got caught for Offerup incident in September operating under his real name has a METHAMPHETAMINE related conviction/plea. In other words, tweaker incident.

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Are all of the bikes stock?

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As far as I know, yes.