New to Portland, need a rear rack, basket, front light, etc

New to Portland, need a rear rack, basket, handlebar light, etc.
Which store(s) carry the most selection of accessories? THANK YOU.
I live downtown but also have a car my bike can go in to find a rack that fits.
I have a 16" Georgena Terry Classic, 1999.

I like River City Bicycles just across the Morrison Bridge from you, that’s where I do most of my in-store shopping. Bike Gallery on SW 10th should have a decent selection. These days, I don’t know how many shops are still open. Would have recommended Western Bikeworks in NW, but they’re gone I think. West End Bikes near Powells is alright but not as big as the others.

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awesome. thanks for the advise. appreciate it!

thanks. i’m just getting back on the road bike (skinny tires) after years off the bike and 12 miles easy/flat is about my limit right now but thanks!

Burlingame Bikes has sold Wald Sports baskets. They are manufactured in the USA.

Kind of random, but why are these bikes that are commonly available off the shelf in Netherlands, Japan, China and others are not readily available around here?

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I used to see more around Portland about 10 years ago than I do now. Clever Cycles even carried a model for a while I think.