New Stop Sign on Terwilliger at Campus Dr

The city just put a stop sign on SW Terwilliger at Campus Dr. I and the others I was riding with rode right through it earlier this week because we “knew” we didn’t have a stop there. Oops! I saw two drivers in front of me also go right through without stopping. Shows how hard it is for people to change habits.

Also shows how they aren’t paying attention to their driving. I’m no saint, but I try to constantly look around for signs, people, obstacles, etc. while driving as many times I too have been surprised at a traffic change, but usually there’s warning signs and the flags on top of the new signs.


There are two warning signs, but we all missed them, too. I think I’m very cautious and attentive when I’m on the road, but I was pretty surprised when I looked back at my video. I was focused on checking out the section just before the intersection where PBOT had finally cleared blackberry overgrowth after six weeks of nagging.

OHSU could station some doctors from the Casey Eye Institute there to hand out business cards to people who don’t stop.