New rumble strips in ODOT bike lanes

I noticed some portions of bike lanes on ODOT roads have rumble strips cut into them now. These are often seen on freeway shoulders or center lines to wake up distracted or sleeping drivers (feeling safe?).

NE Lombard St/NE Portland Hwy (NE 11th Ave and east but I’ve only seen the rumble strips between 42nd and 60th) has them in what appeared to mostly be the wider portions where the bike lane goes all the way to the curb. They’re on the bike side of the white line. Normally there should be plenty of room to not ride anywhere near the rumble strips but this stretch has had cars parked in it nearly every single time I’ve gone through here since 2014.

Hwy 213 in Oregon City also has them. I saw them in the area north of S Henrici Rd. Parking compliance is much better here but storage of garbage cans is an issue. The placement of rumble strips is also even less well thought out than on Lombard, with some of them being nearly in the middle of narrow sections of bike lane.


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